Monday, 22 August 2016

Tips to Make Your Home Child Friendly

Kids love to explore their environment, so it's very important to make sure your home is safe for your children.
Here we list a few things to check out:

Preventing falls and hurt
·         You can install safety guards across doors, stairs and balconies.
·         Install grills outside the windows.
·         Leave a low power light on at night to make it easier for your kids to go to the washroom and make their way to your bedroom without tripping.
·         A stepping tool by the toilet or low level towel hooks would make it easier for your child to reach out for things easily.
·         Add cushioned corner guards or edging to side tables, chairs and other sharp-cornered surfaces.
·         Secure drawers and cabinets so that they’re unopenable.

Preventing Poisoning
·         Keep medicines away from your child’s reach. Store them up high in a locked cupboard.
·         Keep cosmetics, soaps, shampoos or any cleaning substance away from sight.
·         Also ensure all of your houseplants are of the non-toxic variety.
·         Make sure paint and other hazardous substances are stored in airtight containers and kept on high shelves.

Preventing Burns
·         Keep matches, lighters and tobacco products away from kids.
·         Keep toy batteries away as they can leak acid, causing serious burns.
·         Use stove-knob covers to prevent kids from turning on the burners.

Preventing Fires
·         Install at least one smoke alarm at your home. Check alarm batteries regularly and replace them annually.

Preventing Suffocation and Strangulation
·         Remove items that could strangle or suffocate your child. These items could include cushions, cords, sharp items, carpentry and gardening tools, ropes, sacks, boxes, packaging, etc.
·         Vacuum regularly to suck up any small item that can cause choking.

Water Safety
·         If you have a pool, install a fence or self-locking gate.

Electrical Safety
·         Install safety switches, which cut power off quickly to avoid electrocution.
·         Replace electrical appliances and cords if they’re worn out.
·         Use power point covers.
Here’s to a creating a happy, safe environment for your child to grow up in!

Thursday, 18 August 2016

5 Tips To Make A Home Eco-Friendly

The ever-increasing global warming is gradually devouring the environment. Never before has the world felt such a dire need to take immediate actions and restore natural balance. The environmentalists alone cannot put our earth back on track. We too need to adopt the ‘go green’ mantra and contribute in every possible way. Here are a few things you can definitely do to make a home eco-friendly home and save the environment–

·         Plant more: You don’t necessarily need huge courtyards to grow trees. Even small plants grown in the balcony help in reducing temperatures. Of course, you can take an initiative and plant more trees in your society premises too.

·         Save electricity: Switch to environment-friendly options that consume relatively less energy. For example - if you are still using those tungsten bulbs, switch to LEDs. Remember to switch off the appliances that are not in use.

·         Save water: Fix leakages if any and avoid wastage of water. Make arrangements for rain water harvesting in your society and try and promote it in your circle too.

·         Reduce your carbon footprint: Make minimum use of vehicles and help in reducing unnecessary pollution. Make sure your vehicles qualify on the permitted emission parameters.

·         Recycle e-waste: Make sure that unwanted things like chargers, headphones, wires, etc. are disposed in such a way that they can be recycled. Reduce the use of polythene bags as much as possible.

In addition, if you are looking to buy a home, you should look for a development that has adopted eco-friendly practices.

Navratna Residency, for example, offers luxurious apartments with green measures such as rain water harvesting and beautifully designed landscapes. Located on Avinashi Road, it is your obvious choice for an eco-friendly home.

Enjoy a Luxurious Lifestyle at Water's Edge in Goa

Water’s Edge, a luxurious property by the leading developer Salarpuria Sattva Group, features 1 BHK studio apartments, 2 & 3 BHK apartments and ultra-luxury villas.
Located in Sancoale, Goa, this is one of the finest residential properties you can buy.
Here’s why you should invest in Water’s Edge:

Enjoy the Serene Views Around
Perched on a hilltop, overlooking the serene Zuari and the nearby sea, Water’s Edge is a perfect getaway in Goa. So wake up in the morning and refresh yourself for the day by taking a look at the vast open sea, the stretches of spice plantations, coconut groves, mesmerizing river and distant ships reaching the harbour.

Enjoy the Perks of an Expansive Home
With spacious hallways, well laid out spaces and well-ventilated rooms, you feel like a king!

Unwind in the Landscaped Areas
All your stress vanishes the moment you step into the well-manicured lawns at Waters Edge. The green spaces give you ample opportunity to enjoy peace and tranquillity.

Indulge in an Elevated Lifestyle
With a range of enchanting amenities such as a swimming pool, health facility with sauna, table tennis, indoor games, children’s play area, outdoor games, private lawn, amphitheatre, gymnasium and more, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Your Necessities are Just a Hand Stretch Away
Water’s Edge enjoys proximity to a host of conveniences such as education hubs, transport facilities, the airport and more. Along with a comfortable lifestyle, you enjoy hassle-free commute to all places.
Do you need more reasons to invest here? Then for more information, Click here

Saturday, 18 June 2016

At Salarpuria Sattva Senorita Embrace a Whole New World of Rarefied Privileges

In today’s fast paced life, time is a coveted asset owned by many but enjoyed by few. In the rush of getting things done, people often forget to take out time for what matters. And often times miss out on real joys of life like enjoying a hot cup of tea facing a lush garden or merely spending some quality time with family, other than on weekends. Thankfully, there is Salarpuria Sattva Senorita to make it happen. Offering few of the most exceptional 2 & 3 BHK apartments in Bangalore, this peaceful heaven lies in the heart of all that matters.


Salarpuria Sattva Senorita stands tall in the heart of Sarjapur Road, right opposite  WIPRO Corporate Office.  Perched comfortably close to several big offices in Whitefield and Electronic City, it places you right at the heart of all conveniences. And when the distances to your work place and lifestyle hubs become shorter, you are left with several more hours to enjoy life and all that makes life worthwhile.


Salarpuria Sattva Senorita offers you a lifestyle packed with hand-picked comforts and bespoke privileges.  The spaciousness of its 2 & 3 BHKs is beautifully balanced by its lively outdoors. From stunning walkways, planned kids play area, a swimming pool to a contemporary club house- this peaceful sanctum has it all. Bond with friends, relax in the pool or simply stroll through the lush green, whatever your idea of relaxation is, this project will cater to it.  With more than 70% open space, it welcomes you to soak up the good life!

Only the best for the best

When you walk into Salarpuria Sattva Senorita, you’ll instantly be drawn towards its grandeur and lushness. Awarded 4 Star Rating by CRISIL Real Estate Star Ratings, this project brings you one step closer to leading an eco friendly and wholesome life. With a home right on Sarjapur Main Road, Bangalore , you’ll never miss out on life!

Step into a whole new world of possibilities and rarefied comforts at Salarpuria Sattva Senorita

Friday, 17 June 2016

Why invest in Coimbatore?

Coimbatore is one of the most developed cities in Tamil Nadu, and is also the 2nd largest city in the state. With a very pleasant climate in majority of the year, Coimbatore is said to be one of the prettiest cities to reside in. And when it comes to investment, the city has shown great progress in both infrastructure, and value appreciation. Here are 5 reasons as to why investing in Coimbatore is a smart choice:

  • Educational hub: Coimbatore is considered to host some of the best colleges and schools in South India, especially engineering colleges which in turn increases the demand of IT job openings.
  • Scenic Locations around: As mentioned, Coimbatore is said to be one of the most scenic locations in South India. With close proximity to other hill stations such as Ooty, Coimbatore attracts a large number of tourists every year and residing in such a city will provide you uninterrupted scenic views.
  • Growth in infrastructure: The development the city has seen over the last decade in infrastructure has been tremendous! Along with the development of infrastructure, there has been a great change in the real estate market, making Coimbatore one of the most ideal locations to invest in.
  • Great connectivity: Coimbatore has easy access to prime cities like Bangalore making it easier for you to commute from one city to another. 
  • Appreciation in value: The city has seen a great appreciation in value in the real estate market. With top schools and colleges in the city, along with the constant increase in job requirements by companies, the IT industry in particular, Coimbatore is definitely taking the real estate market by storm with its constant demand and growth.

If you’re looking to make an investment in one of the most scenic cities in Tamil Nadu, make sure you check out Salarpuria Sattva Navratna. Uber-luxurious 2, 2.5, 3 and 3.5 BHK apartments on Avinashi Main Road, Coimbatore. Magnificence spread across 6 acres of land. To know more, click here.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Reconnect with the Sea at Water’s Edge

When you hear the word “Goa”, what is it that pops in your mind? Beaches? Palm trees? Rejuvenation? Relaxation? What if there was a way to combine them all? Enter, Water’s Edge. A proud addition to SalarpuriaSattva’s legacy, this luxurious residential project situated in Sancoale, Goa, is the ideal pick for you and your family. Nestled amidst scenic hills with a grand view of the sea, Water’s Edge presents an opportunity to you to severe your connection with deadlines and monotony, and embrace a relaxing, rejuvenating lifestyle.

Merely 5 kms away from the Goa Airport and 7 kms from the bustling locale of Vasco, Water’s Edge spans over 4.7acres, and comprises of luxurious 1 BHK Studio Apartments, 2 & 3 BHK Apartments and ultra-luxury villas. If you’ve been on a quest for purchasing a villa in Sancoale, Goa, there will never be a better opportunity to make that dream come true.

Accommodating every modern indulgence of yours, Water’s Edge comes equipped with a top-class clubhouse, private swimming pools for every villa, steam and sauna facilities, and outdoor activity zones, among many others. Add to that elite specifications, hi-tech security to keep the little ones safe and secure at all times of the day, and an expansive children’s play area. The premises, as a whole, are so comprehensive and scenic, you wouldn’t be able to help but extend your vacation by a couple of days more.

Awarded the well-deserved CRISIL 5-star Rating, Water’s Edge leaves no stone unturned in making your desire to own a vacation home in Goa come true. Among the many properties in Sancoale, Goa’s little census town, Water’s Edge emerges as one of the finest properties an NRI or an out-station investor can buy.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Salarpuria Sattva Aspire – Redefining Spaciousness in Your Life

You’ve done it for a long time. You’ve gone the extra mile to reach out for the good life, but to no good. You’ve aspired for a spacious home that is enveloped in nature, and yet, keeps all modern conveniences at arm’s length.What if there was a way to achieve that? Salarpuria Sattva’s prideful new addition to the brand’s legacy, Aspire presents to you an unmatched lifestyle that ushers in good fortune at every turn of life. With plenty of light, air, and space in each home, Aspire promises you the life in Bangalore that you’ve always aspired for.

Featuring intelligent, spacious 3 BHK apartments for complete balance and harmony, Aspire is conveniently placed on Hennur Main Road, Bangalore, with a fabulous view of meadows and fruity orchards. In a world burgeoning with concrete jungles, isn’t that a fresh new sight? Located en route to Bangalore International Airport, the locality boasts of tons of plush greenery and fresh air, which make it the ideal abode for you and your family.

One of the many highlights of Aspire is the incredible spaciousness of its 3 BHK residences that are designed to the specifications of global best practices. Well-planned with unparalleled ventilation and openness, every inch in your apartment is carefully crafted to create a well-rounded living space.

An impressive cluster of indoor as well as outdoor amenities at Aspire vow to fill your days with fervour. From landscaped walkways, seating avenues, children’s play area, and meditation zone, to multiple play courts, fully-equipped gymnasium and a multi-purpose hall, there’s never a dearth of opportunities at Aspire to keep you occupied.

Among the many premium apartments in Bangalore, Salarpuria Sattva’s Aspire creates the ideal blend of optimal spaciousness and a wholesome lifestyle. After all, isn’t that exactly what modern living must translate into?